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Heino Realty finds the perfect homes for clients, even in very competitive markets. We quickly gain an appreciation of who you are, how you like to live, and what you want. Our well developed network in the professional real estate community, plus lively insights, often find the ideal homes before they are on the market.

We take our clients personally--we never take clients just for the sake of collecting a fee. We get involved in your life just enough to ensure that you have a remarkable real estate transaction. Some of our clients stay in touch with us for many years; others leave the area knowing that they have had the best. We always end a transaction with a certainty that our clients' needs and desires have been met.

We negotiate so that you win. Our negotiating skills have won many homes in multiple offer situations. We convince the sellers and their agent that you are the best person to buy their house--based on who you are and what you have to offer. We also set up your offer so that you are the best prepared and positioned buyer. At the same time, we negotiate for the best price. In many situations our accepted offers have not been the highest, but the offer that was the most attractive to the seller.

Our reputation precedes us.  Heino Realty has the reputation for making a sale happen easily. In many cases, the seller's agent prefers to work with us  because they know we are fair, honest, and take care of all the details. They trust us to get the job done. The result: you get your house.

We offer a large number of free services, including a professional evaluation of each house you are considering. We advise you on any potential expenses for the house, the possibilities for improving and renovating, the potential for appreciation, and much more. Call us to learn more about our free services.

Prices and Availability of Houses In Brooklyn

WE CAN FIND YOUR HOME! Like other highly desirable areas to live, Brooklyn is expensive! Don't let availability and price put you off. If you want to live here, we can find you a home and help you buy it. If price is an issue, we can very likely help you to figure out a way to make it work—or we can put you in touch with the people who can.

Tips To Get Started as a Buyer In Brooklyn

Get pre-approved with a mortgage banker! We can recommend the best. Call us. We can help get you pre-approved with little effort.

  Let us know your needs. What is your ideal home? Where would it be located? What setting do you prefer? When do you need to move? Do you have or plan to have children of school age? After a short interview we can begin thinking about the best possibilities for you. We can then customize your house search to your personal style. You may want to be updated on possibilities every day. Or, you may want to hear about houses that we think would match well your requirements.

 Get to know Brooklyn. We can help introduce you to Brooklyn if you are new to the area, or we can show you neighborhoods you never knew about. Because of the many varied neighborhoods, there are tons of  hidden treasures. We can take you for a tour or suggest a self-guided tour. The more information we can provide, the better prepared you'll be to know the right house when you see it.

Check our web page to get the latest Local Listings to view for yourself  homes listed for sale in Brooklyn. New listings come on the market daily. This will enlighten you as to the types of housing and prices in different neighborhoods.

Know that this can happen! It's our job to make this as effortless and as fun for you as possible!

Ask me any question about buying a home in Brooklyn. It's our job to help you! There's no obligation, and we promise to respond quickly...


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