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Heino Realty Advantages

Heino Realty offers more than any other real estate firm in Brooklyn

We provide 36 Services that let you Sell Quickly at the price you expect
The others give you fewer than 8
Discover the Difference

Be prepared to sell with Heino Realty

Things move fast when 36 proven services and benefits work overtime to complete your transaction. We specialize in getting strong prospects interested in your property. And we know what to do when they come calling. While the others are just getting started, Heino Realty is putting everything we’ve got into closing your sale. No one gives you more than we do.

Powerful sales with a personal touch

Real estate is about people. So while Heino Realty agents are exceptional at sales, they’re also quite skilled at building strong customer relationships.

That means open communication (including multi-lingual agents) and doing everything in our power to eliminate stress or worry.

36 Valuable Services that
Sell Your Property for the price you expect
  1. Input to Multiple Listing service (MLS) with Virtual Tour link
  2. Newspaper advertising in multiple papers
  3. Color magazine advertising with 'Premium Inside' guaranteed cover positioning
  4. Attractive yard sign with agent's name and direct contact information
  5. Custom local website with lead generation tools
  6. Open house
  7. Sales meeting coverage
  8. Agent caravan
  9. In-house real estate attorney
  10. In-house mortgage banker
  11. Full-time management team
  12. Ongoing sales and marketing training
  13. OBEO designer Virtual Tour and stunning professional photography
  14. Professional copywriting
  15. Custom property brochures
  16. Featured window advertising on Avenue U
  17. Email blast to 4,380 agents throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island
  18. 'Just Listed' jumbo-sized postcards mailed throughout the area
  19. Plasma screen television advertising on Avenue U, and in multiple Brooklyn area restaurants
  20. Posted to HeinoRealty.com website with Virtual Tour link, multiple photo display, and customized description
  21. Posted to Realtor.com website with Virtual Tour link
  22. Posted to  International Referral Network
  23. Posted to Obeo.com website with Virtual Tour, multiple photo display, detailed property information, mapping, aerial views, school information, interactive features, printable brochure, and customized description
  24. Posted to RealEstateBook.com with Gold Level featured property advertisements and Virtual Tour link
  25. Posted to BobVila.com website
  26. Posted to RealEstate.com website
  27. Posted to LivingChoices.com website
  28. Posted to Viacom.com website
  29. Posted to HomeGain.com website
  30. Posted to SympaticoMSN.com website
  31. Posted to Oodle.com website
  32. Posted to Trulia.com website
  33. Posted to GoogleAdWords.com website
  34. Posted to NYTimes.com website on the Luxury Channel*
  35. Posted to WallStreetJournal.com website**
  36. Posted to UniqueHomes.com website

* homes priced at $750,000 and more
** homes priced at $1,000,000 and more

The others give you far less …
  1. Input to MLS (not all will do this)
  2. Newspaper advertising
  3. Magazine advertising (not all magazines)
  4. Front yard sign 5. MLS flyer in the front window
  5. Local website
  6. Posting to Realtor.com (only if it's in MLS)
  7. Open House

To learn more about the company that always gives you more, call Heino Realty
at 718-934-2900


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