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We Don't Just Show your Home... We Sell It!
Selling a Home Takes SALES SKILLS!

We show your home first to our company and then other top agents from different real estate companies who know your neighborhood. If they're excited about your property, their customers are going to be interested.

Listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS):
As an affiliate of both the Brooklyn and Staten Island MLS systems, we list your home immediately. This is THE PLACE for all professional real estate agents, and is where they look every morning to find the perfect homes for their Buyers.

Listing on the Internet

Your home receives immediate and wide exposure on several highly acclaimed websites.
The Internet is THE source of homes for many Buyers; especially those who live outside of Brooklyn. We do it right: people find our homes easily and they contact us about our listings! First, we show your home on this website and we advertise your home to our large email list. Then we advertise your house on several important public sites:

*Luxury Channel of NY Times For Homes Priced $750,000 or higher **For Homes Priced at or Above $1,000,000

We supply our listings with attractive photos and can provide Virtual Tours for a broader view of your home.

Just Listed Cards

All of the people in your neighborhood receive "Just Listed" cards announcing the sale of your home before the first open house. This alerts the larger neighborhood of the sale; they tell their friends, who may just be interested in a new home...

Signs and Notices

We post a street sign and flyer box near your home right away, advertising that it is for sale. You'll be surprised at how many people hear about your home this way!

Caravans and Broker's Open House for the Real Estate Community

Our agents will do a group tour of your home within the first week of it going on the market. This allows our entire office the opportunity to see your home firsthand and speak about it knowledgably to their list of prospective purchasers as well as new Buyers that call about your home. A Broker's Open House, held exclusively for real estate agents and brokers from other companies, will be held within the first two weeks of your listing. We do a variety of things to attract them such as offering catered lunches, incentive bonuses, door prizes, and more. This encourages all agents in the area to view your home and then show your home to their Buyers, bringing about as many offers as possible, resulting in a faster sale for you and at top dollar!

Professional Property Flyer

We prepare a flyer or small brochure describing your home. This is most useful as a reminder for buyers who have already seen your home. We also provide a brochure box that is attached to the yard sign, for people who are passing by your neighborhood. Many people will stop to get a flyer. We often distribute this flyer to real estate offices throughout the Brooklyn Area. We also post a flyer in our front office window right on busy Avenue U.

Professional Photography

With the assistance of one of our professional photographers, we provide a high resolution, three-dimensional photo tour of your home. This tour is posted online to all of the public sites and includes several interactive options for the Buyer such as mapping, satellite imagery, mortgage calculation, emailing and downloading functions, etc. Because of the high resolution, all photos are extremely clean, clear, and crisp, providing an outstanding marketing piece to showcase your home.

Television Advertisement

Through our exclusive affiliation with ICS Productions, we advertise our company and listings on plasma screen televisions located in fine restaurants throughout Brooklyn and also in our front office window. Buyers are able to view our homes on-screen and then contact us to schedule a tour.

Print Advertising Brings People to your Door

We have an exclusive contract with the Real Estate Book for premium inside cover positioning of our full page advertisement each and every month. This means that Buyers see OUR ad first, before any others. We also advertise your home in several local papers including:

  • The Kings Courier
  • The Jewish Press
  • Hammodia
  • Reklama
  • Russian Bazaar
  • Sing Tao
  • Daily News
  • The Bay News
  • Canarsie Digest
  • Bay Ridge Courier
  • Flatbush Life
  • Brooklyn Graphic 
  • Urdo Times

Showing your Property to the Public

The more available a property is for buyers to see, the faster it sells. We can customize a showing plan to fit your needs and to assure you that your home gets shown in the best way. For example, we can provide a key for pick up by licensed Realtors or we can show your home by appointment only with a  Heino Realty Sales Agent present to give a personal tour of your home. We do our absolute best to accomodate your every need. We've even been known to walk dogs for our Sellers while another agent is showing the home.  

Sunday afternoon is a convenient time for many buyers to see your home, so we hold an Open House as often as necessary from 12 or 1 till 2 or 3 PM. We make open houses as convenient as possible for you and your family. These events are advertised in the local newspapers as well as online.

Showing your House

Showing your house is like preparing for your most-anticipated guest. Even though you are about to leave this house, it should make a statement that you are proud to live there. Here are a few ideas and guidelines to help you with the last minute preparations:

Clean and Organize!

Have the house sparkle. Hire your cleaning person more often during the listing period and especially before the first open house. Don't forget to clean the windows and carpets; this makes a big difference!

Arrange furniture (or put some in storage) so that it emphasizes spaciousness. Unclutter.

Clean and organize kitchen cabinets, linen closets and clothes closets. Buyers do look into closets, and you want them to see SPACE, not clutter!

Welcome Real Estate Agents and Their Buyers

Make sure all lights are on, the rooms are bright and welcoming, and that there is a pleasant aroma in the air. Try baking cookies, fresh bread, or even sprinkle a little vanilla on the tops of your light bulbs! If you feel you need assistance from a professional home stager, let us know. Having a fresh, clean, well-organized home that smells wonderful makes for a much faster and easier sale!

Personal Care and Interest Makes the Difference

We take our clients personally--We never take clients just for the sake of collecting a fee. We get involved in your life just enough to ensure that you have a remarkable real estate transaction. Some of our clients stay in touch with us for many years; others leave the area knowing that they have had the best. We always end a transaction with the certainty that our client’s needs and desires have been met.

  Is There Any Question Who Offers More?

 Our diverse staff of agents provide the utmost in service to our clientele. Employing the most technologically advanced products and services, along with an amazing on-going training program, and multi-lingual capabilities, we at  Heino Realty are ready, willing, and able to go to work for you, ensuring that your property is sold for the highest price, on the best terms, and in the least amount of time possible. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way and to make this transition as smooth as possible, eliminating the stress and worry involved with the sale of your home. 





 Ask us ANY question about selling your home or property. Or request our FREE in-home presentation of how we would market your property in Brooklyn! There's no obligation, and we promise to get back to you quickly... 




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